Sunday, August 31, 2008

Afghanistan, The Beautiful

Afghanistan, The Beautiful
I am very glad that our soldiers blog about their experiences across seas. It gives everyone who reads their blog a new and positive insight on what is really going on in Iraq and Afghanistan. The only things we hear about the war are negative: a roadside bomb killed another soldier, or there was a massive shoot off. This soldier talked about making rounds through the villages he patrolled, and how he and his troop brought needed supplies to the elderly. The people of these villages are extremely grateful for what these men and women are doing for them. Another experience is dealing with the kids of Afghanistan; the kids aren’t playing games or hanging out with their friends. Instead they are herding sheep, operating shops, and riding bikes weighed down with lumber. The children ask the soldiers for pens, and occasionally a child is able to have a conversation with the soldiers.
While this soldier and his troop were in Iraq they faced a problem: their humvees had a tendency to pull down the wires in the villages they drove through. The locals would ask for money to fix their wires, after that the wires were torn down again, the people of the village re-hung the wires at a higher height. The people of the village found a new way to adapt to the soldier’s presence. The people of Iraq and the troops that are in Iraq learn many new things from each other every day they are there.

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