Sunday, August 31, 2008

Passions, Pedagogies, and 21st Century Technologies

Passions, Pedagogies, and 21st Century Technologies
For as long as people have been alive we’ve had a difference in opinion about many subjects. James Sosnoski discussed the difference in opinions about the preference of hyper reading or reading printed texts in his article Passions, Pedagogies, and 21st Century Technologies. Sosnoski himself preferred hyper reading, he continued to state what he says the advantages were of hyper reading; the convience of being able to correct your mistakes, or leave notes on a draft you read for a colleague. Another point he made was how our world is becoming more and more technologically advanced and hyper reading is the way of the future.
In his article, Sosnoski strongly preferred the hyper reading, but doubted technology many times. It seemed to me that Sosnoski liked using technology, but in the text he debased its worth; “the World Wide Web may be the ultimate antitheater of communication, said Sosnoski.” I felt that Sosnoski’s article was hard to follow while he jumped back and forth between the pros and cons of hyper reading and reading printed texts, but he clarified his ideas in the conclusion of this article.

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Jonathan Humberson said...

I think when Sosnoski says negative things about technology, he's not arguing against technology itself, he's trying to be realistic about the ways people use it. Sosnoski seems to be very enthusiastic about technology in general, but he isn't shy about discussing the drawbacks inherent in the way it's used.