Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Serious Issues of Pitfalls

The Serious Issues Of Pitfalls
The issues of pitfalls are very serious. Most teenagers think they are invincible and that nothing bad will happen to them. They post details of their lives that should be kept private just so someone will notice them. What teenagers don’t realize is how many people can access their profile without them having any knowledge of it. Online predators take advantage of teens when they have a profile that shows they are vulnerable, and want someone to notice them. The online predator seems like a normal person who cares about the teen and maybe they will want too meet in person. Teens’ meeting face to face with strangers is extremely dangerous their online friend could turn out to be their kidnapper without them having any idea of it, until it’s too late.
Some schools are advising and/or trying to ban their students from using the websites like MySpace and facebook, they try to educate the students on what is too much information to be giving out. Career advisors warn the students about what their explicit profiles can do for their future careers. Employers can and will look at their profiles before they call you in for an interview; they look to see if your personality will fit into what their company is looking for and based upon. In many cases doing online background checks is good. You are able to tell a lot from someone’s online profile, which can send up red flags to employers. Teenagers and anyone who’s looking up to set up a profile should think about what information they give out, they could be turning down a good job, or attracting the attention of an online predator without even knowing it!

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