Saturday, October 18, 2008

claim worthy?

· Hurricanes are increasing in number and ferocity.

No. Hurricanes are part of the weather, which is random, therefore the numbers of hurricanes that occur are random and the ferocity can be predicted, but not determined until the hurricane has actually happened.

· Many people die annually of cancer.

Yes. You can explain what types of cancer are the most common to cause death among men, women, children, and certain age groups.

· Fewer people would die of heart disease each year if more of them paid attention to their diets.

Yes. If people would pay attention to their diet, they could make an effort to eat healthier foods, and live a healthier life, and fewer people would die from heart disease.

· Japan might have come to terms more readily in 1945 if the Allies hadn’t demanded unconditional surrender.

No. This is someone’s opinion, there isn’t any real evidence that proves that Japan would have come to terms easier under the above stated conditions.

· Boys would do better in school if there were more men teaching in elementary and secondary classrooms.

Yes. You can view the grades of boys in the classrooms of male teachers and the grades of boys in classrooms of female teachers to see what children have the better grades.

· The ever-increasing number of minorities in higher education is evidence that racial problems have just about ended in the United States.

Yes. The increasing number of minorities in higher education could be due to better motivated students, not to the decrease of racial problems.

· There aren’t enough high-paying jobs for college graduates these days.

Yes. There may not be high paying jobs for college students from one area of study, but there could be high paying jobs for college students of another field.

· Hydrogen may never be a viable alternative to fossil fuels because it takes too much energy to change hydrogen into a useable form.

Yes. If Hydrogen takes too much energy to be changed into a viable form, then it wouldn’t be a viable alternative to fossil fuels.

· Only one of the first forty-three presidents of the United States was a Catholic.

Yes. Most of these presidents are dead and we are unable to accurately confirm what religion each of the gentlemen believed.

· Political activists have grossly exaggerated the effects of the USA Patriot Act on free expression.

No. The opinion of the political activists, may be different from another person on the same subject.

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