Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Graphic novels are serious literature: serious literature is a writing that has a meaning with importance.

Burning a nation’s flag is a hate crime: a hate crime is something done out of hatred or disgust towards someone, or something.

The Bushes have become America’s Royal family: the royal family is the family of the person in charge or the head of something important; the United States.

Matt Drudge and Larry Flynt are legitimate journalists: a journalist being one whose profession is journalism.

College sports programs have become big business: an area of business that is largely important to many who work in that area.

Plagiarism can be an act of civil disobedience: an act that goes against what a law or rule states.

Satanism is a religion properly protected by the First Amendment: something that one strongly believes in, and lives by as a way of life.

Campaign contributions are acts of free speech: something that may be said without being punished by the authority or law.

The District of Columbia should have all the privileges of an American state: a province or area that is independent, but still under the rule of a larger government.

Committed gay and lesbian couples should have the legal privileges of marriage: the joining of two people, who wish to proceed with their lives together.

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