Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My thoughts of the war

There were quite a few new blogs that I haven’t read, so that was very exciting for me. In the first blog, a military wife who is stressed out by everyday life, and wants to be able to talk to her husband more than 15 to 20 min every other day. I think she should get the kids a sitter or send them to their one of their friends, or a relative’s house for a couple of days so she can regain her sanity, and have some peace and quiet to herself. The second blog was pictures from the Babylonian ruins, a few of the soldiers received permission to go into the ruins. Usually American soldiers aren’t allowed to go onto the premises, but the overseer made an exception for them. The pictures were really cool, and the soldier had some captions that explained the ‘history’ of what was in them. Another blog that I read was a tribute to four soldiers that were killed in action, and one who was severely injured. The soldier was reminiscing on the good times that all of these guys had together, and how each one passed on something to the new soldiers that will live on forever. This tribute makes you rather sad, especially if you can relate to what this soldier is going through. Finally the last milblog was rather funny. The soldier was telling a story of how he always wanted to drive one of the ‘jingle trucks,’ and he finally had the chance. He wasn’t very good at driving the truck, since he didn’t have any experience, but it made all the other soldiers laugh. To top that off he saw an Afghan riding down the road on a motorcycle. He pointed at himself, and then put his arms up like he was riding a motorcycle; the Afghan stopped, and let the soldier ride the motorcycle for a while.

Before entering this class I was never really for or against the war. I didn’t like the fact that what seemed like to me was our soldiers were just getting killed all the time, and there weren’t any signs of progression towards the end. Being in the class has slightly altered my unbiased thought of the war. Reading the milblogs and responding to the soldiers, and reflecting on my thoughts have opened my eyes tremendously. I see that the soldiers are helping protect the innocent people, and trying to restore the order in a country that truly needs it. Even though I’m still not all for the war, I can see more of the positive aspects, and I have more of an open mind about the subject.

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Courtney said...

Like you I was not sure whether I was for I was for or against the war. Now I can see that we should finish what we have started. The war may be a good thing for those who we are trying to save, but it is still taking a toll on the family members of those fighting the wars.