Friday, October 31, 2008

#4 on page 135

In this picture there is an family of 'illegal immigrants' an 'American' and an 'Indian' standing by one another. The 'American' says "It's time to reclaim America from the illegal immigrants," then the 'Indian' says "I'll help you pack." This is a clear argument, one that you don't think of everyday, or probably haven't thought of since your last history class. The Indians were the first known people to settle in America, therefore making the Americans illegal immigrants as well. For the most part, Americans are arrogant and don't see themselves as settlers of the Indian's land, when in reality that's how it really is.

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Justin5000 said...

I guess most of us never think about the fact that we were not the first ones here. I don't neccessarily think that we should relax on immigration though, that is kind of fallacious reasoning.