Saturday, September 6, 2008

digital presentations or print format

The website I consult frequently is MySpace. I admire MySpace because it’s a quick and easy way for me to keep in contact with my friends, since we all have different school and work schedules. Having MySpace as a digital presentation is a nice setup, you are able to create your own website with different backgrounds that represent your personality. Since MySpace has e-mail and a way for you to comment your friends you can leave them funny messages or personally write them a message. If MySpace wasn’t a digital presentation, there would really be no point of having it around.

If MySpace was a print text it would be the same as mailing a letter to your friend that would take a couple of days for them to receive, it wouldn’t be instantaneous like online. You would also have to pay the price of a stamp to send your letter in the mail. With a print text you wouldn’t be able to have the wide array of backgrounds to choose from. Whatever you can draw on a piece of paper would be your background, and if you’re an artist like me then you would be limited to hearts and stars! MySpace is another way for you to share pictures with your friends who live a few states away from you.

You could use a print format for sending letters, and comments to your friends. You would still be able to have backgrounds for your profile, but it would be a limited selection. With a print format you wouldn’t be able to search for friends or relatives that you may have lost touch with. If you wanted to post a bulletin you would have to send out numerous letters in the mail to everyone that you wanted the message to get to. The convenience of having all this on one website is wonderful; changing it to a print format would be pointless to me.

In this case you would lose many cool features if you translated the website to a print format. You would have to wait for your friends to get your messages, then for the time it takes for you to receive their response. You would be limited on your selection for a background setting. People wouldn’t be able to freely view your profile; the only people that will see your profile are the people you show it to in person. You wouldn’t be able to share pictures with your friends; you will have to wait until you see them or print the picture and send it to them in the mail.

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