Monday, September 29, 2008

Pink Think

In today’s modernistic society, there are still “Pink Think” ideas, behaviors, and ways of thinking. When a mother gives birth to her child, whether it is a little girl or boy, the hospital presents her with a little bundle of joy all wrapped up in the appropriately colored blanket and hat. While being parents, they dress their children up in the cutest little dresses or overalls, and the girls wearing pink, and the boys are in blue and the more masculine colors.

Some females, not including all of them, may act like they are afraid of mice or spiders, so they look more feminine. Most people may deny or say they have never known anybody like this, but there are females that do this. There are also employers that discriminate women in the work place, they will sexually harass the female workers, and sometimes won’t pay them the same amount of money as men.

Geek Think is a pretty typical stereotype, and I can elaborate on this topic a bit more. Most people think that the kids who get the good grades, study all the time and are ‘bookworms’. There are many stereotypes about the ‘geeky’ kid in the glasses, who always has good grades because he or she has ‘no life’. These kids may not have to study as hard as everybody thinks they do to earn their good grades. They may seem like they have no life, but really these kids are involved in other activities. The kids that classify other kids as geeks usually don’t even know these kids, and are falsely labeling these kids. Stereotyping happens all the time in today’s society; most of the time people don’t even realize that they are stereotyping people.

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