Tuesday, September 16, 2008


The first milblog that I read dealt with a soldier who had a visit from another one of his friends who was just off of his tour in Afghanistan. His friend, Vandy, had a near death experiences with his last few days in Afghanistan, Vandy was driving back to his base, and while driving through a little village a suicide bomber attacked their Humvee. Luckily nobody in the convoy was injured, but he wanted to turn around an tend to the wounded bystanders. This was just the kind of person that Vandy was, he wanted to help out wherever he could. While Vandy visited his friend Ben, Vandy told stories of being back at home and how different everything was. Vandy didn't change his attitude, it was like he was still at war! This caused him a little bit of trouble with everyday living, Vandy was getting in bar fights all the time, some were more successful than others, but he was beat up pretty badly from all of it. All in all Vandy needs to talk to a counselor about the things that happened while he was across seas, and hopefully that will help him adjust to everyday living again.

The second milblog that I read was about a RN Clara. She has been grieving the loss of several loved ones since 9/11/01. She was saying how she has gone to memorials in the past to remember everyone that lost their lives, but this year was different. She was having trouble with the fact that it has been another year without the ones that she loves. Usually she would go to the cemeteries on September 10th just so she wouldn't have to face the other families. I know it's really hard to grieve the loss of loved ones, and that is something you never get over! If Clara would go to the cemetery and mourn the loss of her loved ones with someone who has the same thing in common, they could provide comfort for one another and help with the pain.

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Squawk said...

I did read that first milblog about Vandy and his experience in Afghanistan, and I must say it was some story. With that said, Vandy does need to talk and express his feelings about his tour in Afghanistan, but I must say that you explained him very well.