Monday, September 22, 2008

NFL quarterbacks, and Navajo Rugs

I chose to write about NFL quarterbacks, there are many different ways to distinguish excellence from mediocrity in this category. One way to examine the excellence from the mediocrity would be to ask people who they believe is the best and worst quarterbacks in the NFL. This may not be the most accurate because people have many different opinions about who is better. Another way that would be more accurate is to compare the statistics for these quarterbacks for the past couple of years, and see who has the better statistics. A couple of different factors could offset the stats; such as if one of the quarterbacks was injured sometime during the season, which should be taken into account when comparing the stats.

The item from the list that I know the least about is Navajo Rugs. If you Google Navajo rugs, you will come up with thousands of results for them. There are results that vary from the history, how to make them, and websites where you can buy these rugs. There are many people who make Navajo Rugs; some of them are better crafters than others. If you looked at the rugs, and the quality of the rugs, you may see some flaws with the craftsmanship, or that some of the makers have better quality rugs than others.

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